As the Internet evolves, so do technologies and policies that drive online identity, security and privacy. The challenge for everyone involved is keeping up with the changing needs around online communications, interoperability and security.

At first glance this would appear to be a technical problem, but the fact is creating, adopting and enforcing best practices that fulfill industry specific needs for public and private sectors, and the consumers they interact with, is a policy problem that encompasses business, legal and social elements, as well.

Developing best practices that harmoniously align maturing politics, technology and legal issues requires a meeting of the minds, particularly when interested parties have varying objectives. A neutral, technology agnostic platform is essential for providing a meeting ground for industry leaders and policymakers to build a custom framework that ensures all sides are using the same tools and following the same rules across the board.

That’s where we come in. The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) was established to play referee, if you will, for setting the stage and coordinating ongoing efforts for public and private sectors to establish a set of policy guidelines and a technology standard set of tools that increase workflow and protect the identity and privacy of everyone involved.

As an impartial, very public and transparent online forum for facilitating the development and testing of best practices, OIX is an open marketplace of ideas where public and private sectors can construct their own trust framework for setting the rules of engagement in the emerging world of identity.

The OIX expedites the bureaucratic, political process by bringing together all players to establish the rules and tools each sector needs to provide cost-effective, trusted online transactions that meet the consent of their customers, all in a reasonable time scale. Such a platform was not a matter of building it and recruiting public and private industries to play along. They are coming, and we needed to build an online environment for them to operate. This is why the Open Identity Exchange is here: To build trust in the exchange of online identity credentials across public and private sectors.

I’m starting this blog to educate readers about the ongoing challenges and issues around identity, security and privacy on the Internet. While there’s many issues and perspectives to be heard, I welcome your feedback and encourage you to join the discussion on these and other important issues that all online enterprises face today.

Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman & President