OIX is launching a series of Alpha Projects, funded by OIX members to develop, test, and share solutions for the UK cross-Government Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP) that has global implications for online public-private identity transactions.

IDAP Alpha Projects

A key component of HMG’s “digital by default” initiative, the IDAP, managed within the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service, will enable citizens and public services to transact with one another conveniently and securely online. A citizen will use a private sector ‘Identity Provider’ service to create a trustworthy online identity that can be used to access government services.

In order to insure the broad adoption, the Cabinet Office in the role of a relying party working with selected commercial identity providers, sees a practical and strategic opportunity to leverage OIX domain expertise, joint research and pilots. The Cabinet Office has directed OIX funding to accelerate and coordinate the rapid formation, deployment, and analysis of Alpha Projects: small scale, low risk tests of interoperable components that address key challenges to realising the IDAP goals of convenient, secure, and privacy-enhancing digital transactions.

The projects target specific challenges requiring interoperability and leveraging open identity standards. They will test components of key program challenges with representative users to be scalable with the architecture of the IDAP. The alpha projects advance the development of the IDAP, but provide results of use cases with global implications for public-private identity transactions.

OIX’s IDAP initiative leverages private sector-funded OIX projects as well as OIX pilots funded through the US National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC). The IDAP alpha projects, like the NSTIC-funded pilots in the US, are examples of the collaboration needed to address core business, legal and technical challenges.


Alpha Projects are proposed by OIX members, prioritized by the IDAP steering group—comprised of representatives from OIX, IDAP, and the eight Government Framework Identity Providers—and coordinated by OIX.

To participate in alpha projects, organizations agree to:


Upon completion of each phase, participants must write an Alpha Project Report, accounting project objectives, methodology, results, and implications.

Concurrently, OIX will commission an Alpha Project White Paper, a 5 to 7-page overview of the key business challenge in question authored by an independent domain expert. Alpha Project White Paper contents may include analyzing the challenge, describing the alpha project’s goals and objectives, and the potential contributions the alpha project results could bring to the IDAP and the identity community writ large.

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