On Thursday, The Economist ran an editorial and an article on public-private partnerships in online identity, referencing both the US work around NSTIC as well as the UK IDAP.

I was pleased to be a source for these articles. Check them out for a rarity among business publications; well-articulated arguments for why, as they bring public services online, governments should leverage private sector identity provider capabilities. The Economist writes:

[su_quote]Using the private sector has many advantages. Many people prefer it, since they already willingly hand over so much information to companies. They may also feel the state already knows too much about them. Moreover, private-sector IT projects tend to be better-run, and more innovative, than public-sector ones. Commercial ID expertise would save the government from spending money on developing its own ID checks. And customers can withdraw data from private providers that prove easy to penetrate: they cannot flee state databases that spring leaks.[/su_quote]

As an globally recognized center of excellence on online identity issues, the OIX is at the forefront of initiatives in the US and the UK. We will be sharing our insights in a couple of weeks in Washington, DC as we host government officials from the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and Denmark at the OIX-O5 International Identity Summit: Public-Private Initiatives in Internet Identity. More on that to come.

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