I am writing from Tokyo after important Board meetings at the RSA Conference in San Francisco followed by a highly successful Japan Identity and Cloud Summit. The OpenID Foundation and OIX helped sponsor a conference with registration topping 700 and content that reflected a deep understanding of federated identity in the enterprise and the standards needed to solve them.

International trust frameworks in the public and private sectors shaped many of the discussions at the summit.  Real world use cases around international interfederation of trust frameworks across enterprises, business sectors, and public services all showed a common need for open identity standards. From both and OIDF and OIX perspective, this was music to my ears. It’s been a busy few weeks between the O5 Summit in Washington, RSA in San Francisco and JICS in Tokyo, and onto the IETF in Florida.  Theres’s are increasingly common threads at all these events around the need for interfederation, and the meta data that enable interoperability across online identity trust frameworks.

We are charting this demand as we proceed with the definition stage of OIXNet, a metadata listing service for online identity trust frameworks designed to provide the needed transparency, interoperability and neutrality that OIX is uniquely positioned to deliver. More on that to come.