We are pleased to announce that Sue Dawes has joined the OIX team as UK Program Manager. In this role, Sue will continue to manage the affairs of OIX in the UK, with specific reference to the directed funding program, the OIX IDAP Alpha Projects and White Papers. Coordinating the OIX IDAP steering group (agenda, minutes, workspace & materials), controlling the funding and managing the overall program, are key functions. She will act as the audit and reporting focal point for Cabinet Office, liaising with Alpha Project Managers, the IDPs and OIX executive management. She will also ensure that all White Paper and Alpha Project reports are published on the OIX website.

London based, Sue brings extensive experience of working with both international and UK based membership organisations to the OIX UK operation. Coupled with her background of European marketing communications roles for technical companies, she is well placed to contribute in this next phase of the OIX UK operation.