One doesn’t build ecosystems, one swims in them. David Rennie got it right with his “primordial ooze” analogy in Monday’s presentation. Ecosystems are dynamic-driven by market forces shaped by regulations and standards. For a week the epicenter of the identity ecosystem is in Napa at the Cloud Identity Summit.  Among some 800 participants, I’m pleased to see the overwhelming numbers of RPs—large enterprises, big industries and governments.

The driver of the identity ecosystems today is the demand-side requirements of relying parties. And there are few better RP success stories in this emerging online identity ecosystem than that which has come out of the UK Identity Assurance Program (IDAP). Why? The IDAP is that it has aggregated RP demand across Her Majesty’s Government’s 22 Cabinet Office departments and centralized procurement power in the IDA Program Office.

So after harnessing the mega-RP power of one of the largest “enterprise deployments” in the world, the next step is to expose its requirements as transparently as possible in a strategic location. Ecosystems need simple, agile mechanisms for communication between the many organisms that live in them. They need a way to act and react with other organisms changing, evolving roles. The players in the Identity Ecosystem only have crude long term contract mechanisms currently. They need light process, more akin to a market. And markets need transparency to work effectively.

And that’s why Cabinet Office is interested in leveraging OIXnet.

OIXnet’s centralized, authoritative, neutral, non-profit registry of open identity information makes it easier for IDAP scheme rules to be discovered and accessed by interested communities like GSMA, Payments Council, British Retail Consortium, etc.

In the disclosing and registering scheme rules, business, legal and technical requirements, certifications, APIs, etc., Cabinet Office and its partners simplify interoperability, save time and reduce risk.

Finally, to enable information symmetry OIXnet requires matching a registration against the Principles of Openness. As such OIXnet facilitates Cabinet Office’s public policy prerogative of helping ensure IDAP scheme remains privacy enhancing and voluntary, secure and resilient, interoperable, and cost-effective and easy-to-use.

In registering the IDAP scheme rules on OIXnet, Cabinet Office gains an agile channel to connect with interested communities, match requirements with prospective partners, and achieve the transparency and neutrality essential to public sector success. Cabinet Office’s registration on OIXnet can become vital infrastructure for enabling and growing G2B relationships at internet scale and helps set a template for registry-enhanced B2B relationships as well. Not “building” an ecosystem, just opens its flow.