Companies, organizations and governments turn to the Open Identity Exchange for pragmatic market engagement, and perhaps nowhere is this better reflected than in OIX white papers. This summer, OIX has commissioned a pipeline of white papers authored by leading domain experts to address the most challenging issues facing the emerging identity market. These white papers are not academic exercises; they tie directly into OIX actions in the larger ecosystem such as UK Alpha Projects, OIX Working Group Reports, public-private initiatives, and infrastructural initiatives such as OIXnet. OIX white papers feature independent research and analysis from the best in the business tapping domain experts such as Tom Smedinghoff on Liability and leading independent expert voices like Stephen Wilson on the attribute exchange.

Look out for publication and presentations on these topics around upcoming identity industry events such as:

  • IDESG Meeting Boston, July
  • O5 London, October
  • IDSG Meeting London, October
  • IIW Mountain View, October

If you haven’t already, be sure to read the first of our 2013 releases, “The Vocabulary of Identity Systems Liability,” written by Tom Smedinghoff, Mark Deem, and Sam Eckland designed to demystify liability, and assist in liability risk analysis through explaining the concept of liability, and developing a common understanding of what it means for participants in an identity system to incur liability.

 2013 OIX White Paper Pipeline:

  • The Vocabulary of Identity Systems Liability
  • Attribute Exchange Network Trust Framework
  • Trustmarks and Implications on the Identity Systems
  • Registries as Trusted Third Parties
  • Implications of the UK IDAP Internet Living Verification Alpha Project
  • Central and Local Government Identity Hub Integrations
  • Security Shared Signals
  • Mobile Identity Good Practice Guides