In my blog dated July 31, 2013, and titled "Deploying Discipline Before Technology" I wrote about meetings in Cambridge, MA, where I briefed the MIT Communications Futures Group on the OIXnet initiative.  This was the first of many as I take the OIXnet concept on a "roadshow" to gauge interest as due diligence and utilize the feedback to help the Board shape OIXnet.  In this same blog, I suggested, "a disciplined approach serves OIX well", and it with building Board consensus in mind, the OIXnet Working Group proceeds by deploying discipline before technology.  We've developed the following 30/60/90 plan not only to test our OIXnet hypothesis, but as I learned from my days with the Reed Elsevier Venture Fund, to seek disconfirming evidence of our assumptions.  

Here's a tentative list of events where OIXnet will be discussed:


09/03/13 London, UK: OIXnet Overview presentation to UK IDSG 

09/04/13 London, UK: OIXnet presentations to Assure UK, British Retail Business Consortium, and UK Payments Council

09/05/13 London, UK: GSMA HQ (TDB), OIXnet presentation to GSMA

09/06/13 London, UK: UK Scheme Rules/OIXnet requirements gathering, prototype planning, etc.

09/17/13 Seattle, WA: OIXnet Presentation to the PII Conference 

09/18/13 Seattle, WA: Microsoft HQ/ Campus TBD, Requirements gathering

09/23/13 Los Angeles, CA: OIXnet Presentation to Experian Industry Advisory Council

09/24/13 San Diego, CA: OIXnet Presentation to ID Analytics Advance 2013 Conference

09/21/13 Mountain View, CA: Tentative: Google HQ OIXnet WG and OpenID Foundation Meeting  re OpenID Connect White List requirements


10/08/13 London, UK:  Location TBD, UK Scheme Rules/OIXnet prototype planning, etc.

10/09/13 London, UK: Admiralty House, OIXnet presentation to O5 Internet Identity Summit

10/10/13 London, UK: Tentative: Microsoft UK HQ, OIXnet follow up meetings with UKTC, Retail Business Consortium, UK Payments Council

10/10/13 London, UK: GSMA HQ, OIXnet WG Meeting

10/16/13 Washington, DC: NIST HQ., IDESG Trust Framework & Trustmark Committee, NSTIC Plenary Meeting, OIXnet due diligence, requirements gathering etc.

10/17/13 Washington, DC: NIST HQ., OIXnet Work Group Meeting.

10/21/13 Mountain View, CA: Tentative: Google HQ, OIXnet WG and OpenID Foundation Meeting re: OpenID Connect White List requirements

10/22/13 Mountain View, CA: Computer History Museum, IIW OIXnet presentation

10/23/13 Mountain View, CA: Computer History Museum, IIW OIXnet Work group meeting 

10/24/13 Mountain View, CA: Computer History Museum, OIX Board meeting 

I invite you to participate in these OIXnet events as your contributions are valued.   I also invite you to recommend any events and/or groups that may fit into the OIXnet due diligence efforts.  OIX and non-OIX groups are integral to this effort and have valuable feedback as evidenced at the MIT and the IDESG meetings that followed.  I'm confident that with our focus on "deploying discipline before technology,"  OIXnet efforts will be grounded in real world remedies for  today's pain points in internet identity.  Please check back on the blog for updates on OIXnet efforts going forward.