Those of you who slog through work groups, committees, etc. in this space know there is not a “silver bullet” that solves the technical, policy, and practical challenges of building trust in online identity.  I think of the OIX white papers and Working Group reports like yours as “silver buckshot” attempts to unpack, test, and learn from taking on the toughest topics; like attribute exchange trust models.

Now that the dust has settled and early reviews are in, I’m pleased to report that the OIX Attribute Exchange (AX) Trust Framework Specification was accepted by the OIX Board in July 2013 and has been published to the OIX website.  This result of painstaking work by members of the AXN Working Group is seen in the final Specification.  The output of the Working Group on AX is a foundation for defining, deploying, and monetizing trust frameworks in the future.  This work has been well received at recent identity conferences such as the OIX O5 Nations Identity Summit in London, IdentityNorth in Vancouver, and at the TSCP Conference in Washington, DC.  It can be a roadmap for trust framework operators in the future.  Its impact is seen in how the discussion of trust frameworks success metrics have evolved based on the Working Group’s contribution to conversation among industry leaders.

As a follow-up to the AX Specification, OIX commissioned a white paper, “Attribute Exchange Networks: New Infrastructure for Digital Business”, that was authored by Steve Wilson as an independent, world recognized expert at Lockstep Consulting.  This white paper summarizes the findings of the AX Specification by providing a consolidated approach to creating and deploying an attribute exchange trust framework with considerations such as monetization models.  This white paper has been published to the OIX website and I encourage you to review as a follow-up to your work in delivering the AX Specification.

Links for your reference:

OIX: Attribute Exchange Trust Framework Specification

Attribute Exchange Networks: New Infrastructure for Digital Business

I thank each of you for contributing to the AX Specification and overall OIX efforts.