Open Identity Exchange (OIX) White Papers are like “silver buckshot” in that they focus on hot issues and opportunities in emerging identity markets. OIX white papers are driven by the needs of the members but the goal of each white paper is that they stand on their own to deliver value to the identity ecosystem as whole. To say it another way, they are loosely coupled pieces of solutions for identity systems.

OIX White Papers are always pragmatic, transparency and take one of two perspectives: a retrospective report on the outcome of a given project or pilot or a prospective discussion on a current issue or opportunity. A recent example of a retrospective white paper is the Internet Life Verification: Using Social Data as Part of the Identity Verification Process which summarizes the findings of a discovery project in the UK IDAP program on the subject of the use of identity attributes derived from social or living data. The Internet life verification (ILV) white paper reviews the findings of an experimental process by which an individual’s identity can be verified through analysis of their online activity including social media use. And an example of a prospective white paper is the Shared Signals Model which describes a new collaborative approach that enables intelligence sharing between Identity Providers to reduce the impact of fraud and account theft on Identity Providers and consumers. It fits US and UK government interest in improving cyber security as described here.

OIX white papers conform to the following:

  1. OIX White Papers are the work product of the author, not OIX, and are made freely available at The Open Identity Exchange website.
  2. Authors are independent, domain experts. We try to keep review edit cycles to a minimum.
  3. OIX White Papers should not assume a technical, legal or financial expertise, rather intended as summaries for a general business audience.
  4. OIX White Papers are budgeted at a firm fixed price of $10k. This is intended as a stipend not a reflection of billable hours, consulting fees, etc.

OIX White Papers are funded via the OIX Directed Funding Program and/or in partnership with another organization. Look for more work on trustmarks, liability, and self-certification coming soon.

As always, I encourage you to contact me regarding any projects or new opportunities that can benefit from an OIX published white paper.

Source: Trusted Transactions