By all accounts our Economics of Identity series of workshops are off to a successful start. We kicked the series off in London where standing room only attendees “voted with their feet” by staying attentive to the end and where we generated more buzz than bloviation.

150+ attendees from private sector took to their seats on 9th June, when OIX UK presented the Economics of Identity hosted at the KPMG offices Canary Wharf, London. With a focus on uncovering what identity is worth to the UK economy, £3.3bn was the headline figure presented by Ctrl-Shift in their OIX white paper of the same name.

Panel discussions centered around the Identity Assurance Programme (IDAP) model of citizen, money and living, with Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office, and Chris Ferguson, Deputy Director of the Identity Assurance Programme, taking the stage first to talk about how the citizen’s needs are at the heart of making identity assurance work. What followed where speakers from banking, mobile, retail and startups, being quizzed in detail by columnist and editor Alex Howard, MC for the event, on their expert opinions.

The results of the UK’s first mobile network operator, collaborative alpha trial were warmly received by the audience, a demonstration showing the concept of enhancing the customer experience using PIN numbers and your mobile device to support identity verification, showing just how easy this could be.

The tweets were fast and furious through the day. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Francis Maude @cabinetofficeuk: ‘We’re building trust by being open – the sunlight of transparency is making things better.’ #econID
  • Charles Schwarz @BarclaysOnline: ‘This is about the best possible customer experience.’ #econID
  • @ahatami @LloydsBankCB: ‘We have to solve the #identity problem – not the customer. We cannot burn the customer with complexity.’
  • Innovate Identity @innovate_ID: ‘What a great event congrats to @OIXUK for organisation #econID all the thought leaders in digital identity there!
  • @drdrmc: ‘The SMEs will see #identityassurance as an opportunity to showcase their innovation adapting it into their business model.’

Video and presentations from the event are posted on the OIX UK website and over the coming weeks, additional footage will be added including pictures and illustrations depicting key points made at the conference. The “pipeline” Open Identity Exchange White Papers that preceded and followed the event are now available.

We followed the workshop in London with the second Economics of Identity event at the Gates Center at the University of Washington on June 23rd where we took on the topic of the role of “Big Data and IPR” in the value chains we described in London. I’ll share more details on the success of that event in another blog.

We’re now building the agendas for the Economics of Identity workshops in Washington, DC on September 23rd. And the fourth event is scheduled for February 2015 in Silicon Valley with a focus on the venture capital flooding into the identity space. More details on both of these events on my blog and on the OIX site as we get closer to these dates.


Source: Trusted Transactions