In a world where we constantly receive information at an ever-increasing rate, it’s hard for any one organization to stand out. It’s harder still to hold the attention of OIX members. They are a smart and sophisticated bunch when it comes to Internet identity. OIX members include industry leaders, venture-backed start-ups, universities and governments who are all focused on how to grow the volume, velocity and variety of trusted transactions on the web. So, I am thankful to the OIX members that joined the 2014 Member Meeting yesterday.

OIX is taking on some of the toughest obstacles to building trust in online identity. I highlighted the OIX pilot projects, white papers and workshops that contribute to containing costs and mitigating risk in deploying today’s Internet identity systems. I also teased the news of a team of rival global industry leaders joining together to bring to the market new options for certification and standards. The 2014 OIX Member Meeting presentation has been posted.

At the Member Meeting, I asked a favor: please take a few minutes to complete the OIX Member Survey that you recently received via email. OIX offers industry members the chance to shape the market they wish to lead. Your feedback helps shape OIX to meet your needs and the needs of your organization.

See you soon,

Source:: Trusted Transactions