GOV.UK Verify at Economics of Identity II December 2015

Janet Hughes, Programme Director for GOV.UK Verify presents the demo and describes the programmes next steps as it moves forward to LIVE in April 2016.

OIX Economics of Identity II – London, UK

The focus of this year’s conference was to present the interim results of the private sector requirements for Identity Services project – the continuing consultation that begun during Autumn with interested companies. The conference also considered the UK and the European expanding market opportunities for digital identities, will representatives from UK and European Governments taking the stage.

2015 TISA Conference – London, UK

Following the TISA Annual Conference on 18th November 2015, Don Thibeau (OIX) summarizes the key message from his conference speech.

2015 Follow the Entrepreneur Conference – Hampshire, UK

Follow The Entrepreneur 2015 was an invitation only investor summit, taking place on Friday 4th September 2015 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Hampshire, UK that Don Thibeau, OIX President and Chairman, and OIX members participated and presented. Organized by Ariadne Capital, the fifth Follow The Entrepreneur Investor Summit addressed the leadership role of entrepreneurs in changing the way we live and the transformational impact that they have on all aspects of society.

“Why Does Identity Matter?” – John Timpson, Chairman for Timpson, talks about why Timpson is interested in the digital identity ecosystem.

“Being Bold in Identity” – Janet Hughes, Programme Director for GOV.UK Verify at GDS, talks about how the Verify model is successful.

“Nurturing Entrepreneurs” – Janet Hughes, Programme Director GOV.UK Verify at GDS, talks about investing in entrepreneurs as part of the growth of the eco system for digital identity.

“How GOV.UK Verify Works” – Janet Hughes, Programme Director GOV.UK Verify, explains how GOV.UK works at the Future of Identity session.

2014 Identity Management Conference

Don Thibeau presenting the OIXnet Go To Market strategy at the 2014 IDM conference on November 12, 2014 in London.

Economics of Identity Workshop

Summary of the OIX Economics of Identity event hosted at KPMG’s offices on 9th June 2014, London, UK.

Rt Hon Francis Maude Minister for Cabinet Office and Paymaster General discuss the importance of the GDS Identity Assurance Programme and its federated model.

The Banking Panel discusses their role and future plans in the identity assurance space.

OIX – Open Identity Exchange Introduction

Presentation Slides & Audio Speeches

2016 OIX Member Meeting

Presentation Title Author
All Members Meeting – November 2, 2016 (Slides) Don Thibeau

2015 OIX Webinar

Presentation Title Author
Making Sense of the Developing IdM Legal Turmoil (Slides)
Making Sense of the Developing IdM Legal Turmoil (Recording)
Thomas J. Smedinghoff

2014 OIX Member Meeting

Presentation Title Author
All Members Meeting – September 30, 2014 (Slides) Don Thibeau


Presentation Title Author
OIXnet: Instrumenting Trust in a Zero Trust Environment (Slides) Don Thibeau

EEMA Conference June 2014 London, UK

Presentation Title Author
Progress Report of OASIS Trust Elevation TC (Slides) Abbie Barber & Don Thibeau

O5 Summit Fall 2013 London, UK

2013 OIX Member Meeting

Presentation Title Author
OIX Member Meeting Overview & Update December 2013 (Slides) Don Thibeau