IDM London, June 2017
Sue Dawes, OIX presents OIX projects through the theme of global interoperability, with Nick Mothershaw, OIX UK vice-Chair and OIX UK Board member Sarah Munro.

IDM Europe, Amsterdam, March 2017

Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman’s presentation at IDM – Europe’s leading identity & access management conference for senior risk management, security and IAM professionals across government and large enterprise organisations

OIX Economics of Identity II – London, UK

The focus of this year’s conference was to present the interim results of the private sector requirements for Identity Services project – the continuing consultation that begun during Autumn with interested companies. The conference also considered the UK and the European expanding market opportunities for digital identities, will representatives from UK and European Governments taking the stage.

Don Thibeau, OIX Chairman introduces the conference and presents on the important of trust in the development of digital identity.

Andrew Hindle Presents Accelerating a UK Market to interoperate with global systems at Economics of Identity II

James Timpson & Will Lankston, the worlds first digital identity shop, at Economics of Identity II

Jamie Smith Presents at the Economics of Identity II

Janet Hughes, Programme Director for GOV.UK Verify presents the demo and describes the programmes next steps as it moves forward to LIVE in April 2016.

Kim Cameron Keynote speech at OIX UK Economics of Identity II

Odd Erling Haberget explains BankID Economics of Identity II

2015 TISA Conference – London, UK

Following the TISA Annual Conference on 18th November 2015, Don Thibeau (OIX) summarizes the key message from his conference speech.

Presentation Slides & Audio Speeches

One World Identity Podcast 25th July 2017 

Podcast Title Author
LIGHTest: the Future of Trust (Audio) Cameron D’Ambrosi, Hans Graux, Rachelle Sellung & Don Thibeau

OIX Workshop: London 12th July 2017

Presentation Title Author
Robert Kotlarz
Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) project Harry Weber-Brown

OIX Workshop: Identity Standards in the Service of Interoperability 22nd May 2017

2nd International Identity Management Law and Policy Meeting 18th May 2017

Presentation Title Author

2nd International Identity Management Law and Policy Meeting (Slides)

Tom Smedinghoff

One World Identity Podcast 25th April 2017 

Podcast Title Author

Open Standards: Identity’s Plumbing (Audio)

Cameron D’Ambrosi & Don Thibeau

OIX Workshop 9th March 2017 (Amsterdam)

Presentation Title Author
Microsoft eID Innovation (slides) Ronny Bjones
On Chickens and Trust Frameworks (slides) Esther Makaay & Don Thibeau
Global Identity Overview (slides) Don Thibeau
Barclays Identity Service (slides) Rob Laurence
Cross Border Digital Identity Acceptance (slides) Charles Walton
Digital Identity Assurance (slides) John Erik Setsaas
LIGHTest Project:  Projects Goals and Objectives (slides) Heiko Rossnagel
LIGHTest’s path to creating a realistic scope of Business Use Cases (slides) Rachelle Sellung
LIGHTest: Ensuring Cross-border Legal Compliance & Validity of Delegation (slides) Hans Graux
LIGHTest Community Outreach (slides) Sue Dawes

OIX Workshop 10th November 2016

Presentation Title Author
States of Jersey Hub Implementation (Slides) Wilf Prasher
OIX UK Sandbox Environment (Slides) Jim Purves
Micro Sources of Data (Slides) Helen Wall

OIX Members Meeting 18th October 2016

Presentation Title Author
UK Members Meeting – October 18th, 2016 (Slides) Don Thibeau

OIX Workshop 18th October 2016

Presentation Title Author
Cloud Identity Summit 2017 (Slides) Andi Hindle
Face to Face with an IDP (Slides) Emma Parnell
Financial Re-Use Project (Slides) Sarah Munro
New Projects: IAG “One Identity” OIX Travel Project (Slides) Helen Wall
Element C – Introduction (Slides) Livia Ralph
LIGHTest EU Project Update (Slides) Sue Dawes

Webinar Identity & KYC 18th July 2016

Presentation Title Author
Webinar – July 18th, 2016 (Slides) Sue Dawes, Sarah Munro, Steve Pannifer, Don Thibeau

OIX Workshop 21st June 2016

Presentation Title Author
Open and Welcome (Slides) Don Thibeau
States of Jersey Case Study (Slides) Marcus Ferbrache
MNO Platform Case Study (Slides) Mick Kennedy
Pensions Finder Alpha Case Study (Slides) Paul Wood
Shared Signals Case Study (Slides) Andrew Nash

2016 OIX Member Meeting

Presentation Title Author
All Members Meeting – November 2, 2016 (Slides) Don Thibeau

OIX Economics of Identity II – December 2015

Presentation Title Author
GOV.UK Verify (Slides) Janet Hughes
Identity as a Service (Slides) Kim Cameron
eIDAS Regulation EU 910/2014 (Slides) Andrea Servida
Doing Financial Transactions in another EU country (Slides) Livia Ralph
Doing Financial Transactions in another EU country (Slides) Odd Erling Haberget
Unlocking Billions in the UK Digital Economy (Slides) Jamie Smith
Retail and Digital Identity (Slides) James Timpson, Will Lankston
Private Sector Needs for Identity Services (Slides) Emma Lindley
Accelerating a UK Market to Interoperate with Global Ecosystems (Slides) Andrew Hindle

2015 OIX Webinar

Presentation Title Author
Making Sense of the Developing IdM Legal Turmoil (Slides)
Making Sense of the Developing IdM Legal Turmoil (Recording)
Thomas J. Smedinghoff

One World Identity Podcast 25th April 2017 

Podcast Title Author

Open Standards: Identity’s Plumbing (Audio)

Cameron D’Ambrosi & Don Thibeau