Working Groups

OIX operates a series of Working Groups to facilitate the development of trust frameworks and trust framework infrastructure. OIX Working Groups are open to employees and contractors of all OIX members, whose participation is covered by the OIX Membership Agreement. In addition, non-members may participate in an OIX Working Group at the invitation of a Working Group member by filling out and submitting the OIX Contributor Agreement.

Telecom Data Trust Framework Working Group

The Telecom Data Trust Framework Working Group will develop a trust framework that will allow commerce providers, like retailers and e-tailers, to obtain or verify identity information without interfering in the relationship between a subscriber and a Telecom Service Provider.  It will provide a secure and controlled solution for how  a telephone number may be used to access identification information while holding private subscriber data “in trust”. The Telecom Data working group is chaired by Scott Rice from PacificEast.


Attribute Exchange Trust Framework Working Group

The purpose of the Attribute Exchange Trust Framework Working Group is to draft the OIX Attribute Exchange Trust Framework Specification to be posted on the OIX website. The Attribute Exchange Trust Framework is intended to facilitate the exchange of identity attributes or claims between attribute providers and relying parties utilizing consumer consent and control of these exchanges.


Working Group Rules:

Working Groups, with Board approval, may establish special rules for governance, voting, development processes etc.  In the absence of such special rules, this Rule Part VI (and the other OIX Member Rules) will apply.

As the “default” rules for operation of OIX Working Groups, such rules may be amended or modified with the approval of the OIX Board.


Working Group Participation

OIX organizes and supports programs, initiatives, development workshops, ongoing development efforts, information services and group activities of various types (collectively “Working Groups”) each of which may result in one or more types of output, report, program, or other deliverable (the “OIX Deliverables”).  Working Groups may be open to both OIX Members and Contributors. All Working Group participants are subject to these rules and to the charter, operating rules and other requirements applicable to that Working Group as established by OIX from time to time.


Working Group Contributions and Output Licenses

OIX welcomes input, suggestions and other feedback in written or oral form (“Contributions”) regarding the OIX Deliverables.  Contributions by Members in Working Groups are subject to the OIX Member Rules.  Contributions by non-Members in Working Groups are subject to the OIX Contributors Agreement.  At the time of Working group formation, the Board (at its own initiative or upon the request of the Chair of the Working Group) will make a determination of the appropriate licensing arrangements to put in place to cover both final and draft output of the Working Group, the default form of license being to apply the Creative Commons Share Alike With Attribution form of license in order to make the OIX Deliverables produced by the Working Group most broadly available and usable to other Members, Trust Framework industry stakeholders and the public.


Working Group Formation

Working Groups may be established for the purposes of developing one or more OIX Deliverables, as provided for in the OIX bylaws,


Notice of Working Group Initial Meeting

OIX shall deliver a notice, at least fifteen (15) days prior to the initial meeting of a Working Group, to all Members apprising them of the initial meeting.  Any Member may join the Working Group that is the subject of such notice by replying affirmatively to such notice.  If a Member does not reply to the Secretary’s notice (and is therefore not included in the Working Group), it may later join the Working Group upon notice to the Secretary.


Member Participation in Working Groups

The Board (or a duly authorized committee thereof) will appoint a chairperson or chairpersons of each Working Group, or alternately, the Board may designate that the Working Group shall elect a chairperson or chairpersons.  Each Member shall be eligible, through its designated representatives, to attend and vote Working Group meetings.  The Members that undertake to participate in the Working Groups agree that they shall reasonably cooperate to develop the Deliverables for the purpose of furthering the purposes of OIX.



Voting shall take place at meetings of the Working Group and may be done in person, via roll call in a telephonic meeting or via e-mail.  A quorum for voting purposes shall be a simple majority of the members of such Working Group.  Measures put forth for vote, including the designation of a final version of a Deliverable, shall be considered approved by a Working Group upon a majority vote of the quorum.



All Contributions to the Working Group, whether oral or in writing, shall be noted in writing in the Minutes of a Working Group meeting. The submitting Member or Contributor shall have shall have a maximum of twenty (20) days after publication of such Minutes to withdraw its Contribution submission by communicating such withdrawal in writing to at least one of the Working Group chairpersons. Approval of a final Deliverable shall not take place until such period has elapsed after the final Contribution to the Deliverable.

The OIX Working Group process is defined in Part VI of the OIX Member Rules.