Telecom Data Trust Framework Working Group

Following is the charter for this OIX Working Group as defined and governed by Part IV of the OIX Member Rules. For more information, or to join this Working Group, please send email to John Ehrig, OIX Program Manager.


The original purpose of this Working Group was to draft the OIX Telecom Data Trust Framework Specification.


The proposed deliverables of this Working Group are:

  1. OIX Telecom Data Trust Framework Specification, prepared according to the OIX Trust Framework Requirements and Guidelines.
  2. Acknowledgement of Principles of Openness for the above—a self-assessment of the accountability, transparency, open competition and other characteristics of this Trust Framework as required by the OIX Trust Framework Listing Application and Agreement.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

This Working Group operates under the IPR rules defined in Part III of the OIX Member Rules. Except as licensed to OIX under those rules, Participants in Working Groups will retain all rights to their Contributions of pre-existing works, and works to which they contribute while participating in a Working Group. In addition, this Working Group will operate under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license. This means all deliverables of this Working Group must be unrestricted and royalty-free with the exception of attribution.

Membership Requirements

This Working Group is open to all OIX Members and Contributors as defined in the OIX Member Rules. Participation by a broad variety of stakeholders is strongly encouraged.  The Working Group may create rules for participation in the group as long as these are based on objective criteria, such as relevant experience, knowledge, credentials, or other available skills that support the work.

Scope Limitations

The activities of this Working Group are limited to the purpose and deliverables stated above.


This Working Group has completed its initial deliverables. At the current time the Working Group is not actively meeting.


  • AT&T – representatives: Gary Sagnella & Stacey Halligan
  • PacificEast – representative: Scott Rice
  • OIX – representative: Don Thibeau
  • Verizon – representatives: Bob Borsato & Leslie Volkmar


On March 22, the OIX Board of Directors accepted the final version of the Telecom Data Trust Verification Framework.

Telecom Data Trust Verification Framework