Project Scope

This alpha project follows the previous ‘Micro Sources of Data’ OIX discovery project conducted by Etive, London Borough of Tower Hamlets and GDS in the Spring of 2017, read the white paper.

The discovery project explored the potential of using LBTH data, held in a Digital Log Book (DLB), to help people from lower socio-economic groups present the evidence required to achieve a LoA2 GOV.UK Verify identity.

The discovery project demonstrated that housing-related data held in the DLB could help currently “hard to reach” users achieve GOV.UK Verify registration, and that this could help deliver value to local authority relying parties. It was recommended that the discovery project should be followed by an Alpha project.

The Alpha project, will address the technical and governance issues identified in the discovery. In addition the Alpha project will develop an open service design pattern to demonstrate how Verify could support local authority multi service portals, using the Digital Log Book as an example.

OIX will facilitate a number of consultations with interested parties, the first of which will take place on 13th December.

This event will offer public service portal and platform suppliers a chance to learn about and influence the latest Open Identity Exchange (OIX) project. The ‘micro-sources of data’ alpha project will run for 6 months and will examine how GOV.UK Verify could work with a local authority multi-service portal.  It will verify users’ identity at the lower level of assurance (LOA1) and then use locally collected social housing data to strengthen this assurance to the higher level of assurance (LOA2), which is recognised in civil court.

Attendees will have the chance to review the project objectives and plans, and to learn more about plans to test Verify through non-GDS hubs.

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Project Status

(updated 1st February 2018)

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Project Context, Hypothesis and Objectives


Etive (project sponsor), GDS, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, GB Group , Idemia, Post Office, Digidentity

Last month activity:

  • Information governance observations were carried out at the London Borough of Hackney to assess the suitability of relying party processes and procedures on the ground and to inform recommendations
  • The high level technical design has been discussed with and signed off by GDS
  • The approach to the UI work stream has been planned
  • A business case workshop was held with the relying parties, the GLA and GDS, and the GLA have produced population churn figures to feed in to the business case. We have received some figures from the relying parties for the costs of identity proving and eligibility checking in relation to social housing
  • Invitations have gone out for the next industry consultation event, to be held in February
  • We have discussed with the GLA plans for a pan-London local authority event to present the project to the London boroughs.

Next month activity:

  • The information governance observations will be written up and discussed with GDS. We will start to assess options for self-certification of local sources of data for Verify registration
  • We will produce an API spec and commence the technical build against the agreed high level architecture
  • The first UI workshop will be held to help prepare for wireframe development
  • The relying party figures will be combined with the population churn data to further build the business case
  • The second industry consultation event will be hosted by TechUK on 12th February