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About OIX BITGov

Blockchain has unleashed a torrent of entrepreneurial energy, wealth creation, and massive fraud. Deployments of widely distributed, enterprise class, internet-scale systems utilizing new distributed ledger technologies like Blockchain, Hashgraph and others are being hampered by the lack of experience and expertise among lawyers, legal academics and researchers.

Legislators, regulators and policy-makers are also struggling to address the increasing demand for guidance on applications employing these complex technologies, business models, and legal agreements. International collaboration has only just begun to reconcile the protocols needed for governance of systems that cross-jurisdictional borders and require the trust of governments and citizens.

Open standards and best practice guides need to be developed and adopted to increase trust, inform policy-makers, and support the development of experience and expertise among legal professionals. These will guide the development and implementation within these applications and ecosystems of key elements like smart contracts and digital signatures. These elements are used in the context of decentralized multilateral contract- or trust frameworks, which define the business, technical and legal requirements needed for self-regulation and assignment of risks and liabilities. These, in turn, allow for the extensibility and scalability needed for global adoption.

New distributed ledger systems are designed for trusted transactions at high velocities, volumes and varieties. They are differentiated by their speed, security and trustworthiness.  OIX and OpenID Foundation members have invested heavily in this space and are actively pursuing various blockchain ecosystem projects, POCs and pilots. They have expressed a strong and urgent desire for OIX to help in getting their business leaders, lawyers and partners up to speed on blockchain issues, in particular around the transfer of data, risks, and liabilities that are the hallmarks of identity systems at scale.

As a result, OIX will be hosting six Blockchain, Identity, Trust and Governance  (“BITGov”) Workshops globally in 2018 with the Stanford Law School providing the perfect neutral and easily accessible venue for OIX members and guests to convene for the first workshop on May 9, 2018 in Palo Alto.

Did you know? OIX enables members to expand existing identity services and serve adjacent markets. Members advance their market position through joint research and engaging in pilot projects to test real world use cases. Learn more ...