OIX Blockchain, Identity, Trust and Governance Workshop – Palo Alto 2018-07-25T19:19:37+00:00

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Don Thibeau (Open Identity Exchange & Distributed Ledger Foundation)
Roland Vogl (Stanford CodeX Center for Legal Informatics, and Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology)

Moderator: Don Thibeau (Open Identity Exchange & Distributed Ledger Foundation)


  • Scott David (University of Washington)
  • Oliver Goodenough (Vermont Law School & CodeX)
  • Bob Robbins (Pillsbury)

Moderator: Don Thibeau (Open Identity Exchange & Distributed Ledger Foundation)

Presenter: Tom Smedinghoff (Locke Lord LLC)

Panelist: Tony Lai (CodeX & Legal.io)

Download Presentation: Multiparty System Governance and the Shared Signals Use-Case (pdf – 771KB)

Moderator: Tony Lai (CodeX & Legal.io)

Presenter: Houman Shadab (Accord Project)


  • Dazza Greenwood (CIVICS.com)
  • Meng Wong (CodeX & Legalese)

Download Presentation: Accord ProjectID — The Smart Legal Contract Identity Standard and Trust Framework (pdf – 6.4MB)

Moderator: Giles Watkins (Pridium)

Presenter Daniel Buchner (Microsoft & Decentralized Identity Foundation)

Panelist: Scott David (University of Washington)

Moderator: Helen Disney (Unblocked)

Governance Model of the Sovrin Foundation Use-Case Presenter: Drummond Reed (Evernym)

Medical Credentialing Use-Case Presenter: Eric Fish (Federation of State Medical Boards)

Download Presentation: Medical Credentialing Use-Case (pdf – 1.8MB)

British Blockchain Association Use-Case Presenter: Helen Disney (Unblocked)

Moderator: David Fields (PTB Ventures)


  • Eric Fish (Federation of State Medical Boards)
  • Professor Jan Liphardt (Stanford)

Moderator: Don Thibeau (Open Identity Exchange & Distributed Ledger Foundation)


  • Scott David (University of Washington)
  • Oliver Goodenough (Vermont Law School & CodeX)
  • Professor Jan Liphardt (Stanford)
  • Bob Robbins (Pillsbury)

Workshop Pre-Reads

Download Workshop Program
Accord Project ID: The Smart Legal Contract Identity and Trust Framework Standard
Trust Frameworks for Identity Systems
Vocabulary of Identity Systems Liability

Non-Profit Partners

OpenID Foundation
Distributed Ledger Foundation
Decentralized Identity Foundation
Accord Project

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Hedera Hashgraph
PTB Ventures


Don Thibeau
Don ThibeauOpen Identity Exchange & Distributed Ledger Foundation
Don is President and Chairman of the Open Identity Exchange (OIX) and OIX UK/Europe, a non-profit, technology agnostic organization of global leaders from the private and public sectors. OIX is a test bed for business, legal and governance best practices and policies and operates the OIXnet registry. Don is also the Executive Director of the OpenID Foundation, a standards development organization that includes leaders from across industry sectors and governments that collaborate on the development, adoption and deployment of open identity standards. And Don is Acting Chairman of the Distributed Ledger Foundation which is dedicated to establishing the highest standards of trust and governance for distributed ledger technology (DLT). The DLF and its members work together to jointly fund and participate in research and education programs and project initiatives.
Daniel Buchner
Daniel BuchnerMicrosoft & Decentralized Identity Foundation
Daniel leads technical product development for Microsoft’s decentralized identity efforts. Previously, he worked at Mozilla, driving Web standards and building open source, developer-focused services, tools, and APIs. Daniel is the Executive Director of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (representing Microsoft) and is working with other members of DIF to realize a decentralize identity ecosystem that enables a new class of apps and services.
Scott David
Scott DavidUniversity of Washington
Scott is the Director of Policy at the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity at University of Washington and was formerly the Executive Director of the Law, Technology, and Arts Group at UW School of Law. Scott is an active member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Data Driven Development, the MIT/KIT Advisory Board, and the Open Identity Exchange Advisory Board.
Helen Disney
Helen DisneyUnblocked
Helen is the CEO and Founder of Unblocked, a hub for Blockchain events, education, and information. Helen was listed in Innovate Finance’s 2016 Women in Fintech Powerlist and referred to by Barclays as a “blockchain guru”. She sits on the Advisory Board of the British Blockchain Association and recently gave evidence to the UK’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain. Previously, Helen worked on outreach at the Bitcoin Foundation, driving a programme of strategic events to communicate the innovative potential of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to innovators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders.
Eric Fish
Eric FishFederation of State Medical Boards
Eric M. Fish serves as Senior Vice President of Legal Services at the Federation of State Medical Boards. He also assists in the FSMB’s federal and state advocacy efforts, analyzing legislation, and consulting on the development of model policies for state medical boards. Prior to joining the FSMB, Ms. Fish served Legal Counsel and Senior Legislative Counsel at the Uniform Law Commission, where aided in the drafting of legislation that reduced the inefficiencies burdening interstate transactions and improve the mobility of people and business across state lines. Mr. Fish holds a B.A. with Honors in Political Science with from the University of Chicago, and a J.D. from Loyola University of Chicago School of Law where he also served as Editor in Chief of the Loyola University of Chicago International Law Review.
David Fields
David FieldsPTB Ventures
David is the Founder and Managing Partner of PTB Ventures, a venture capital firm investing in early-stage companies in the digital identity ecosystem. David is a former private equity investment professional and brings over a decade of private investment and advisory experience both to his investors and his portfolio companies at PTB. He began his career as a credit analyst at Citigroup Global Markets and later served on the investment team at Cooper Investment Partners. David graduated from the University of Chicago with a B.A. in Economics and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation.
Oliver Goodenough
Oliver GoodenoughVermont Law School & CodeX
Oliver Goodenough’s research, writing and teaching at the intersection of law, economics, finance, media, technology, neuroscience and behavioral biology make him an authority in legal innovation. He is currently a Professor of Law and the Director of the Center for Legal Innovation at Vermont Law School and a visitor at CodeX. He is also a Faculty Associate at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, a Research Fellow of the Gruter Institute for Law and Behavioral Research, an Adjunct Professor at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering, and a participant in the University of Pavia’s initiative on legal innovation.
Tony Lai
Tony LaiCodeX & Legal.io
Tony Lai is an Entrepreneurial Fellow at the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX), where he co-chairs the Blockchain Group, a neutral, collective resource and forum to advance informed perspectives on how blockchain and distributed ledger technologies intersect with existing legal frameworks. As CEO and cofounder of Legal.io, Tony leads a team designing digital identity, referral and review protocols to scale legal access worldwide; working with law firms, regulators and legal service organizations to develop data standards and build client-facing and backend technology for scalable legal service delivery. Prior to Stanford, Tony practiced as a lawyer advising on technology, communications and media industry matters in Europe, Asia and Africa. Tony serves also on the Board of Advisors for the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, and on the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services.
Professor Jan Liphardt
Professor Jan LiphardtStanford
Jan is an associate professor of Bioengineering at Stanford University, and the faculty lead for the Stanford Distributed Trust Initiative. Jan is a Searle Scholar, a Sloan Research Fellow, a Hellman Fellow, and the recipient of the 2007 Mohr Davidow Ventures Innovator’s Award. Basic research in his lab is funded by federal agencies such as the NCI, NIGMS, NSF, and the DOE. Jan teaches the “Engineering Living Matter” (BioE80) course with Drew Endy, the module on AI/Machine Learning in BioE301C, and a crypto/blockchain class (BioE60 – Beyond Bitcoin: Applications of Distributed Trust). Jan’s full publication list is at Google Scholar and his personal blog is here: http://janliphardt.com/.
Drummond Reed
Drummond ReedEvernym
Drummond has spent over two decades in Internet identity, security, privacy, and trust frameworks. He joined Evernym as Chief Trust Officer after Evernym’s acquisition of Respect Network, where he was CEO, co-founder, and co-author of the Respect Trust Framework, which was honored with the Privacy Award at the 2011 European Identity Conference. Drummond is a Trustee and Secretary of the Sovrin Foundation, where he serves as chair of the Sovrin Trust Framework Working Group. He has served as co-chair of the OASIS XDI Technical Committee since 2004, the semantic data interchange protocol that implements Privacy by Design. Prior to starting Respect Network, Drummond was Executive Director of two industry foundations: the Information Card Foundation and the Open Identity Exchange. He has also served as a founding board member of the OpenID Foundation, ISTPA, XDI.org, and Identity Commons. In 2002 he was a recipient of the Digital Identity Pioneer Award from Digital ID World, and in 2013 he was honored as an OASIS Distinguished Contributor.
Robert Robbins
Robert RobbinsPillsbury
Robert, Pillsbury’s global corporate practice section leader, is recognized as a leader in structuring and closing complex mergers, acquisitions and restructurings, and in advising corporate boards.
Houman Shadab
Houman ShadabAccord Project Consortium
Houman Shadab is co-director of the Accord Project consortium for open source smart legal contract standards. Houman is also a cofounder of Clause and a prolific and influential expert in law, business, and technology with over a decade of background researching and teaching in academia and public policy at New York Law School, Cornell Tech, and other institutions. He has testified before the federal government several times and is widely published and cited.
Tom Smedinghoff
Tom SmedinghoffLocke Lord LLC
Thomas Smedinghoff focuses his practice on the new legal issues relating to the developing field of information law and electronic business activities. Named as one of the National Law Journal’s “Top 50 Intellectual Property Trailblazers & Pioneers” in 2014, Tom is internationally recognized for his leadership in addressing emerging legal issues regarding electronic transactions, identity management, privacy, information security, and online authentication issues from both a transactional and public policy perspective. He has been retained to structure and implement first-of-their-kind e-commerce initiatives, electronic transactions, and identity management and information security legal infrastructures for the federal government, and national and international businesses including banks, insurance companies, investment companies, and certification authorities. He has also been actively involved in developing legislation and public policy in the area of electronic business at the state, national, and international levels.

Roland Vogl
Roland VoglStanford CodeX Center for Legal Informatics, and Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology
Dr. Roland Vogl is a scholar, lawyer and entrepreneur who, after more than fifteen years of academic and professional experience, has developed a strong expertise in legal informatics, intellectual property law and innovation. Currently, he is Executive Director of the Stanford Program in Law, Science and Technology (LST) and a Lecturer in Law at Stanford Law School. He focuses his efforts on legal informatics work carried out in the Center for Legal Informatics (CodeX), which he co-founded and leads as Executive Director. Also, he researches international technology law through the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (TTLF), a think-tank dedicated to transatlantic tech law and policy issues. Dr. Vogl is also a Visiting Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria where he teaches about United States intellectual property law; and a Senior Fellow (by courtesy) at the Berkeley Informatics Lab. Dr. Vogl is actively involved in the rapidly growing legal tech industry. He serves on the board of directors of McCain, Inc. – a company of the Swarco Group; on the advisory boards of IPNexus, Inc., LegalForce, Inc., LexCheck, Inc. and LegalSpace U.S., Inc. In addition, Dr. Vogl serves as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Law Technology News, a publication of ALM (American Lawyer Media) and of the Legaltech West Coast Advisory Board.
Giles Watkins
Giles WatkinsPridium
Giles is an experienced board member with a strong Entrepreneurial and Professional Services background. Giles has deep credentials in Mergers & Acquisitions, Finance and Accounting, Technology Strategy, Risk Management, Privacy, Digital Identity, and Cyber Security across multiple sectors and geographies. He is currently working with early stage businesses to commercialise ground breaking technologies and leading the International Association of Privacy Professionals in the UK.
Meng Wong
Meng WongCodeX & Legalese
Meng is an entrepreneur, investor, and technologist, specializing in deep-tech internet infrastructure and open-source startups. In 1995, he co-founded pobox.com, an early commercial email service. In 2003 he led the development and global adoption of the email standard SPF (RFC4408). In 2005 he co-founded a venture-funded Big Data startup which was later sold to FICO. In Singapore, he co-founded hackerspace.sg and JFDI.Asia which pioneered startup acceleration in Southeast Asia. His background in innovation is informed by Everett Rogers, Geoffrey Moore, Clayton Christensen, William Janeway, Mariana Mazzucato, and Simon Wardley, and by investing in over 70 startups. He has held fellowships at Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and at Ca’Foscari University of Venice in computational linguistics. He programs in Perl, Javascript, Prolog, and Haskell.

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