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Why so much debate about personal data misses the point

Ten years ago, when we were setting up Mydex we published a White Paper — The Case for Information Empowerment the rise of Personal Data Stores — which set out our raison d’etre and vision. A lot has happened [...]

New OIX Project: Women in Identity Intern

Women in Identity (WiD) aims to foster new relationships and mentorship between women in different areas of the identity industry. Their goal is to inspire confidence and community among women in this rapidly growing industry. [...]

Accord Project ID: Setting the Digital Identity Standard for Smart Legal Contracts

The Accord Project (http://www.accordproject.org) is pleased to announce the release of its Open Identity Exchange white paper, Accord Project ID: The Smart Legal Contract Identity and Trust Framework Standard. The paper lays the groundwork for [...]

Using Verify for Local Authority Multi Service Portals (Alpha Project) – information governance

A key project hypothesis is that local authorities collect high quality information, governed by rigorous processes, that will be suitable for helping their customers achieve a GOV.UK Verify identity. This will be invaluable for those [...]

Digital Identity in the UK: The cost of doing nothing

I often find it hard to believe that in an age of ubiquitous smart phones, each with voice recognition software and either facial recognition or finger print scanner included, that I so often have to [...]

Open Identity Exchange to Incubate the Distributed Ledger Foundation

Incubation means different things to each of us. For those of us in the technology space, when we hear the term “incubation” we think of a start-up organization being incubated with venture capital support or [...]