iSignthis provides a combined, fully automated, global and remote evidence of identity *and* transaction authentication solution, assisting clients in adhering to global AML/CTF KYC and payment regulations. Our reach extends to over 200 countries and 3Bn persons, coinciding with persons who have access to internet and electronic payment facilities.

Evidence of identity is generated on a dynamic basis, linking payment transaction parameters to payment instrument and multi factor authentication, in turn creating and verifying a complete KYC profile. We rely upon and use the customer’s financial identity created by their account issuing institution. Our process is able to be completed in minutes, and features extremely high security entropy, as we do not rely upon transformation of physical identity documents or static database mining.

iSignthis’ patented solution assists regulated entities in satisfying the requirements of:

  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) / Counter Terrorism Funding (CTF) / Patriot Act /  Bank Secrecy Act
  • ‘SecuRE Pay’ “Security of Internet Payments” regulations from the European Central Bank and European Banking Authority
  • EC’s proposed Payment Services Directive 2
  • European eIDAS regulations
  • PEP and Sanction screening from US, UK, EU, UN, and AUS sources.

Regulated entities may include Payment Service Providers, online gaming/wagering operators, stock/commodity/FX brokers eWallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. The identity created for AML/CTF KYC also satisfies the requirements of eIDAS.