Pension Finder Discovery Project – concluded

Digital Identity is essential for any pension finder tool. The Pension Finder Discovery project demonstrates how digital identity can solve a real world problem. By the time the average person retires, they have 11-20 pension pots. Many of those they will have lost contact with over the years.

Barclays, Money Advice Service, DWP, HMT, GDS and CG Financial Technology built a prototype to explore the hypothesis:

consumers will take action and make informed choices when they are provided with information and data about their pension savings & investments and the associated retirements benefits or income in later life through a secure, easy to use digital service.’

Interim results were presented at the OIX Workshop on 3rd February – download the presentation:

Pension Pots: Clive Grinyer, Barclays

Barclays, Money Advice Service,DWP, HMT, GDS and CG Financial Technology contributed to this project


Learn about the project in the White Paper