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Walk-In Assisted Digital

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project tested the following hypothesis: ‘Walk-in Assisted Digital support will be effective for some users, at least for some services, and feasible for some suppliers to provide.’ This was explored by recruiting people with low online skills and/or online access barriers to come and receive help in store from [...]

The Industry Working Group on Attribute Exchange

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This Industry Working Group (the IWG), was established by OIX with an initial brief to shadow, review and potentially influence the work of the OIX Warwickshire County Council led Alpha project on attribute exchange, taking the Blue Badge application process as the use case. This brief was extended to include [...]

Shared Signals IDP to IDP – Reducing Fraud and Improving Online Safety Through IdP Signal Sharing

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project explored the hypothesis: ‘It is possible to share signals between IdPs whilst minimising disclosure of personal data [3] to better prevent fraud.’ These signals relate to events or circumstances that are detected at one IdP, which can be sent or signalled to other IdPs to, for example, further prevent [...]

A Technical Design for a Blue Badge Digital Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This technical paper should be read in conjunction with the white paper: Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service.  A collaboration between Government Digital Services, Department for Work and Pensions, Warwickshire County Council, Mydex and Verizon to design an attribute exchange hub, this paper describes the technical solution [...]