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Accelerating the UK Digital Services Market

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In order to support the anticipated growth of the UK services over the next 5 years, this emerging open market of high-quality identity services will extend interoperability of systems, and further develop trust and transparency between services and their users.  Open standards and processes governing the permissible reuse of identity [...]

Discovering the Needs for UK Identity Assurance

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: In order to understand the overall UK market meeds better, OIX has been asked by its members to run a discovery exercise during 2015 to understand what the private sector needs are for digital identity services, how these relate to central government needs and what questions would arise when [...]

Economics of Identity

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Individuals and businesses are moving rapidly to a digital and mobile way of doing business with each other.  The more we interact and transact online, the more important online identity becomes.  Without it the growth of online commerce – and therefore the economy as a whole – will be constrained. [...]