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Identity Verification

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Use of online activity as part of the identity verification

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Government identity verification standards require tests against the ‘activity history’ of an identity. These tests complement more traditional ‘static’ tests, such as document checking, and show that transactions have been conducted by the identity over a period of time. Many online networks do not require user accounts to be created with ‘real’ identity details [...]

Walk-In Assisted Digital

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project tested the following hypothesis: ‘Walk-in Assisted Digital support will be effective for some users, at least for some services, and feasible for some suppliers to provide.’ This was explored by recruiting people with low online skills and/or online access barriers to come and receive help in store from [...]

Digital Sources of Trust 1 & 2

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The ‘Digital Sources of Trust’ (DSOT) discovery projects have investigated the challenges of identity verification for users that do not possess traditional identity credentials such as a passport or driving licence. The majority of the users interviewed in these projects expressed a need for a process where verification of their [...]

The Pensions Finder Tool

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project looked at how digital identity can solve a real world problem.  By the time the average person retires they will have contributed to about 11 different private pensions . In some cases the pension provider and customer may have lost contact with one another. The customer may [...]