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Digital ID Photo Sending Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: As more processes move online, the requirement for identity assurance becomes more complex. In the UK the government has stated that digital identity is a core enabler of their digital transformation by creating trusted transactions to allow people to move online safely and securely. The Digital ID Photo Sending [...]

Digital Sources of Trust 1 & 2

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The ‘Digital Sources of Trust’ (DSOT) discovery projects have investigated the challenges of identity verification for users that do not possess traditional identity credentials such as a passport or driving licence. The majority of the users interviewed in these projects expressed a need for a process where verification of their [...]

Shared Signals IDP to IDP – Reducing Fraud and Improving Online Safety Through IdP Signal Sharing

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project explored the hypothesis: ‘It is possible to share signals between IdPs whilst minimising disclosure of personal data [3] to better prevent fraud.’ These signals relate to events or circumstances that are detected at one IdP, which can be sent or signalled to other IdPs to, for example, further prevent [...]

The Pensions Finder Tool

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This project looked at how digital identity can solve a real world problem.  By the time the average person retires they will have contributed to about 11 different private pensions . In some cases the pension provider and customer may have lost contact with one another. The customer may [...]