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Overseas Pensions Discovery Project

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: The project looks at the Global Existence Transaction (“Existence”) service, developed by Western Union to tackle overseas pension fraud, and how this service could be potentially leveraged by the Identity Assurance Programme. The Global Existence Transaction service helps reduce fraud by providing a process for verifying the existence of legitimate [...]

Shared Signals – Protecting the Identity Ecosystem

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This paper gives an overview of an Open Identity Exchange UK discovery project run to explore the potential for a “Shared Signals” model (the exchange of “trust” and metadata, rather than personal data) to increase shared trust in the Identity Ecosystem between Identity Providers (IdPs), Email Providers (EPs) and Service [...]

Warwickshire (2): Can attribute provision, together with identity assurance, transform local government Services?

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Identity assurance is key if we are to enable the digital by default strategy. It provides a means of common access to services across central and local government. But the bigger opportunity arises when we can access and use data. We call this “attribute provision”. This is when it becomes [...]

Matching Service: Data Matching in the Identity Ecosystem

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Adoption of an external digital identity asserted by the users Identity Provider requires the organisation to ‘match’ the identity details to customer records within its own systems. This paper has been written as phase one of a discovery project into the matching service element of the identity ecosystem. It explains [...]