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Towards an Architecture for a Digital Blue Badge Service

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This Alpha project took a typical local government service – applying for a Blue Badge (disabled parking badge) – and demonstrated how it could be radically transformed from a process taking several weeks to one taking a few minutes.  Warwickshire County Council, Department for Work and Pensions, Mydex, Verizon, Northgate [...]

South Yorkshire (2): Challenges in Digital Identity

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Digital “inclusion” and “uptake” are two of the most interesting, and possibly biggest challenges in the adoption of a ubiquitous digital identity. Are critical questions in this context are: How do we increase the amount of people that can gain acceptance and access to a digital identity, even in the [...]

Shared Signals – Protecting the Identity Ecosystem

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This paper gives an overview of an Open Identity Exchange UK discovery project run to explore the potential for a “Shared Signals” model (the exchange of “trust” and metadata, rather than personal data) to increase shared trust in the Identity Ecosystem between Identity Providers (IdPs), Email Providers (EPs) and Service [...]

Warwickshire (1): Single Identity for Central and Local Government – Technical Findings

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This report accompanies the project White Paper. It explains in detail the technologies that were implemented by the Service Provider, Warwickshire County Council, within the scope of the project Published: October 2013 Authors: Graham Dunnings and Ian Litton, Strategy, Programme and Information Manager, Warwickshire County Council Download PDF [...]