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TISA User Research Report

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: This User Research Executive Summary should be read with the OIX White Paper: Could Identities help Transform Consumers Attitudes and Behaviour Towards Savings Published: May  2016 Download PDF

Use of online activity as part of the identity verification

Paper Abstract: Paper Details: Government identity verification standards require tests against the ‘activity history’ of an identity. These tests complement more traditional ‘static’ tests, such as document checking, and show that transactions have been conducted by the identity over a period of time. Many online networks do not require user accounts to be created with ‘real’ identity details [...]

Achieving identity assurance with the thin file demographic

Achieving identity assurance with the thin file demographic  – concluded (also know as the South Yorkshire Projects) OIX UK and the Cabinet Office  partnered with the South Yorkshire Credit Union, Barnsley Council and others to explore identity assurance with the “thin file” demographic and have conducted two significant projects to date – Bridging the Digital Divide and Investigating the Challenges of Digital Identity – they are [...]